What is a Realtor’s brand?

It’s the number of relationships x the depth of those relationships. The quantity & the quality. The number of people who know, like & trust a Realtor has a direct correlation to the value of their brand… and therefore the value of their business. So, let’s call it “relationship equity.” Today, we’re sharing with you 2 ways to build your relationship equity into a business-generating asset. A productive brand drives leads & provides meaningful opportunities.

Here are 2 ways to grow your brand & business:

Building Brand Equity For Realtors

1. Entertainment – This can be done in a wide range of ways. Think of videos on social media highlighting local places to eat. Or funny memes & relatable jokes. These are all a form of escapism & entertainment for the viewer. Even in-person events, parties & happy hours are a great form of entertaining your past, current & future clients. The idea is that eventually, you will have accumulated enough attention that – when the time is right – clients will come to you based on familiarity. This does happen… for some. And It doesn’t always have to be dancing TikToks & witty jokes. There are plenty of ways to entertain your future potential clients – you just have to find the right channels & pillars for you.

2. Education – Here at Celebrity Agent, we tend to like this one a little more because it’s usually closer to when the viewer is at a point of taking action. It’s more “bottom of funnel” than straight entertainment.

By educating your customers, you build authority & trust which leads to business.

Here are some ideas that real estate pros can focus on for educating their network:

How to maximize sales price when selling-Investing in real estate

-Tax advantages to owning your home-How first-time buyers can purchase-Local market predictions & forecast

-And more…

Whether that’s through videos, emails, mailers, or all of the above.

Just like entertainment, it’s key to focus on your strengths & what’s best for your style.

Bonus: If you’re really advanced, find ways to “edu-tain” your audience and network. Be creative about ways to entertain while educating at the same time.

This is like the holy grail, but it gets the best of both worlds and amplifies your results even more.

Building brand equity – or relationship equity – is a long-term game. It has a compounding effect. The hardest part is that sometimes you may not even immediately see the benefits. But it has the potential to be one of the strongest assets in your business long term.

This is why we specialize in helping real estate pros grow their local brand. We use automated educational content that reaches homeowners in your core market.

Schedule some time to talk with us and we’ll gladly show you the playbook.

Stay tuned for more tips & we’re wishing you a great rest of the week!