The Meaning of Mass Intimacy

Mass intimacy is a phrase I borrowed from the top marketers in the Bay Area, where I live. They are famous for many campaigns, including the Got Milk? campaign. 

They point out that in modern times, we are bombarded with ads. When you include things ranging from billboards to the boxes you have in your pantry, you are exposed to 6,000 to 10,000 ads per day.

Cutting through that noise is a challenge. The way to cut through is being 1-to-1. 

Applied to real estate, if you personally reach out to a person in your farm with a handwritten note that is specific to their house, your odds of making an impact with them are WAY HIGHER than if you do something generic. It was that reality that helped us launch Celebrity Agent.

In my front yard near my mailbox, I have this beautiful grove of redwoods and a garden. The redwoods and garden are amongst the drivers in my buying the home.

Almost every day I get two or three pieces of junk mail from realtors. It’s always some variation of the same.

  • Here’s a house I just sold.
  • Here are pictures of my last 8 sales.
  • Here’s my production for the year.
  • Here’s my new listing.
  • Let me tell you what your house is worth.

Ignore, ignore, ignore.

One day I thought to myself: What if instead I got something personal to me and handwritten?

Direct Mail ->

Would I call Susie? Maybe.

But certainly I would read the note. Certainly I would think Susie knows my house, and by extension my neighborhood. Susie would have cut through the noise. I would be aware of Susie. And as I’ve written elsewhere, over time, awareness becomes the overriding predictor of agent success in a farm.

You may be thinking, the problem with the above is I can’t do 1-to-1 marketing across my entire farm! 

With Celebrity Agent, you can. That’s what makes us cutting edge. By combining many databases and computer driven intelligence, we are able to personalize communications on a per address basis. So instead of you blasting 6,000 owners in your zip code with bland noise, you can instead nano-target each homeowner or niche group of owners:

-> The owner of a mansion gets a different communication than the owner of an apartment.
-> The owner on Baltic gets a different message than the owner on Boardwalk.
->The owner who just bought this year gets a different message than the one who has owned for 20 years.
->The 5,000 square foot new home gets a different message than the 1,200 square foot home built in the 1950’s, etc.

You hit the mass, but in an individualized, intimate way that is relevant to the owner. That’s what we mean by mass intimacy. (Sorry if when you clicked on this post you thought it was going to be about… well, you know.)