The Story of the FirstCelebrity Agent Closing

A new employee at Celebrity Agent asked about success stories. Here’s the first. It occurred a couple years ago before we had formed as a company and were just using the software locally in Coronado.

The story goes something like this…

Once upon a time there was a woman named Alexa in Point Loma, California. She was a doctor. She had just worked with a Coldwell Banker agent to sell her home there. She was renting in Coronado, 15 minutes away, because her husband worked on the base in Coronado and they had a young daughter. Coronado has great schools, and Alexa wanted her daughter in the better school district.

Enter Mary Jo Morgan, Celebrity Agent #1. She used our initial product Buyer Concierge. She sent an email to the leads in her database that went something like this…

There are a shortage of homes for sale in Coronado right now. If you aren’t finding the right home for you, please let me know and I will immediately contact all of the off-market homes to see if any of them would be a willing seller. Approximately 5 out of 100 homes will list next year. I will find which ones so you know about them now.”

That message led to Alexa replying to Mary Jo. Alexa felt guilty because the Coldwell Banker agent had just sold her home and did a great job. But they were striking out when it came to finding a home to purchase.

Alexa used the Buyer Concierge software to narrow a mailing list of Coronado homes that was 300 homes deep. These homes met her location, bedroom, bathroom, square footage and price requirements, i.e., less than $2 million.

Thereafter, Celebrity Agent software helped Alexa craft a letter to these owners telling her story. The letter identified Mary Jo as her agent.

A few weeks later, Alexa was in escrow on G Ave.

They closed, and for the cost of $525, Mary Jo had a commission check of $41,250.

 Alexa and her family are living happily ever after.

We’ve written this separate post on the many ways we’ve seen Buyer Concierge create a commission.